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At Core Drilling our most important assets are our people and we believe you can never invest enough in people.

Our attitude to personnel differs from our competitors, Core Drilling is not looking for machine operators, we are looking for people with the ability to use their own initiative supported by our internal systems.

Through our industry partners AMPT we believe in upskilling and educating our crews. We provide full access to Cert II, Cert III, Cert IV and Diplomas in drilling operations. From offsiders right through to drillers we provide the support and training to ensure all our senior personnel are given the right training to exceed the industry standard.

We have also developed and in house VOC program to asses new personnel and ensure that they are shown the correct methods according to our SOP’s (Safe Operating Procedures).

Through our maintenance division we do offer apprentices to assist in ensuring the next generation of drill fitters and boiler makers.

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