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In 2017 we added our first Custom designed X300 Track Mounted Air Core Rig. Capable of drilling up to 150 Metres and reach hard to access areas, to assist with first pass drilling. Part of the mission of customising this rig was to bring the same standards of safety and compliance that we have in our High Capacity RC rigs to Air Core.

Low Footprint RC

Our X300 Model is also capable of Light RC Drilling, using its Auxiliary and booster its one of the most powerful low footprint rigs in Australia.

Low Footprint Diamond Drilling

Our Sandvik UDR 200 Track mounted Diamond rigs are ideally suited for area’s where pad size is limited due to environmental or geographical conditions. Despite their size they still have a maximum depth capacity of 952m NQ and are capable of drilling HQ or PQ Core size. They have been recently converted to “hands free” rod handling and are compliant with the latest mines department regulations.

High Capacity RC

Our 685 Schramm and KWL’s are at the forefront of RC drilling, capable of drilling RC from 6 metres to 500 metres. Despite their size they are still able to operate on limited footprints with the use of 180m of on board rods and their KL rod handlers. Our large air packs, make these rigs the ideal choice for low cost resource drill outs in areas with areas of hard rock or larger volumes of water. All our RC fleet is mounted 8×8 trucks to ensure they can reach those hard to access site locations.

High Capacity Diamond Drilling

Our EDM 2000 drill rigs are capable of drilling up to 2 kilometres underground. Easy to mobilise on the 8×8 mounted trucks and set up for near mine and super remote exploration. All the latest safety features and compliance with mines department regulation.

Sonic Drilling

Although a lesser known drilling method, our Sonic rig is capable of drilling with 100% return in areas where traditional drilling methods struggle, such as waste dumps, sand, unconsolidated ground, Nickle laterite, Uranium.

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